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CRPD 2010 ICT Accessibility Progress Report

A G3ict Report Assessing the Degree of Compliance  of States Parties with the ICT Accessibility Provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

CRPD Progress Report 2010 Front Cover

The CRPD Progress Report on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) accessibility is a unique benchmarking tool that identifies the degree to which each of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on ICTs and Assistive Technologies (ATs) is actually enacted in local laws, policies and regulations and their impact. It includes data points relative to the status of ICT accessibility and ATs availability among ratifying countries. Data collected measure:

  • State Party CRPD legal and programmatic commitments;
  • State Party capacity for implementation; 
  • Assessment of the State’s implementation and actual results for persons with disabilities.

The G3ict CRPD Progress Report 2010 shows the overall results for each of the key ICT accessibility disposition or obligation derived from the CRPD. The report also presents cross-tabulated results by geographic region, level of human development and income per capita in order to provide additional analytical views of the progress of CRPD implementation.

Stemming from the need to measure progress in implementing those dispositions and to provide ICT accessibility benchmarks to international organizations and in-country disability advocates, G3ict, in collaboration with Disabled People's International (DPI), conducted this independent survey among 32 ratifying countries worldwide, and the United States as a benchmark country.  Two sets of questionnaires, in four different languages, were completed by more than 70 local accessibility and legal experts in those 33 countries surveyed which have a combined population of 4 billion, meaning that the 2010 Progress Report covers 75 percent of the population of ratifying countries (4.9 billion).

The report also presents the lessons learned from this first edition and the next steps in preparation of the 2011-2012 edition.

This first edition of the CRPD Progress Report on ICT Accessibility provides an analysis and discussion of the results obtained and presents recommendations and actions’ suggestions for all stakeholders involved in the implementation process. By drawing links between States’ commitments and implementation and impact on persons with disabilities and comparing data from various groups of countries including from other international statistical sources, significant findings, benchmarks and recommendations may be derived from the CRPD Progress Report for policy makers and international institutions.

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