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Sri Lanka*

General Country Information
Capital: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte (administrative)
Population: 21,513,990 (July 2010)
Form of Government: Democratic Socialist Republic

Telephone and Internet Communications in real numbers
Telephone - main lines: 3.446 million (2008)
Telephone - mobile: 11.082 million (2008)
Internet hosts: 6,096 (2009)
Internet users: 1.164 million (2008)

Country Ranking
DOI* 2005/2006: 0.35
World Rank 2005/2006: 114

*The Digital Opportunity Index (DOI) evaluates the opportunity, infrastructure and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) worldwide and was created by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The DOI is based on a scale of 0-1, where 1 is ideal, and the World Rank is taken into consideration out of 181 countries, based on the DOI.

National Disability Action Plan
Sri Lanka National Action Plan for Disability (June 2013)

Disability Organizations and Contact Information:

Association of Women with Disabilities (AKASA)
Pahalagama Road, Kongollewa
Talawa, North Central Province
Sri Lanka
Email: akasa7@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94-25-2275022+94-25-2275022

Central Council of Disabled Persons
P.O. Box 05, Kinigama Road
Bandarawela, Uva, 90100
Sri Lanka
Email: ccouncil@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94-57-2222698+94-57-2222698 / +94-57-2222701+94-57-2222701

Central Federation of the Deaf
58 Negombo Road
Tudella, Ja-Ela
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94-011-224-4687+94-011-224-4687 / +94-77-324-2860+94-77-324-2860

Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies
No. 86, Rosmead Place,
Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

Email: info@cha.lk
Tel: +94-11-4626100+94-11-4626100
Fax: +94-11-4626100 / Ext.113

Disability Organizations Joint Front
368,Galle Road, Ratmalana
Western Province, 10370
Sri Lanka
Email: dojf@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94-112-721383+94-112-721383
Fax: +94-112-721383

Human Link of Disabled Persons
376B, Makkamady Road, Maruthamunai 03
Kalmunai, Eastern Province
Ampara District 32314
Sri Lanka
Email: supporters@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94-67-2229171+94-67-2229171 / +94-60-2675481
Fax: +94-67-2229171

Millennium Institute for Children with Special Needs
No 143, Canal Road, Wellawatte,
Colombo 6, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-113-050616+94-113-050616     

Sri Lanka Confederation of Organizations of the Handicapped People - DPI National Assembly
No. 20, Sir James Peiris Mawatha
Colombo - 02
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94-11-2302845+94-11-2302845 / +94-11-2-2611056

Sri Lanka Council for the Blind
No. 74 SLCB Building, Church Street
Sri Lanka
Email: slcblind@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94-11-2329564+94-11-2329564             
Fax: +94-11-2399834

Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped
No.74, Church Street
Sri Lanka
Email: info@slfvh.org
Tel: +94-11-2305256+94-11-2305256             
Fax: +94-11-2437768

Sri Lanka National Federation of Special Needs Persons
No. 21/5 Polhengoda Gardens
Colombo 00500
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94-1-819-427
Fax: +94-1-441-222