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General Country Information
Capital: Yaounde
Population: 19,294,149 (July 2010 est.)
Form of Government: Republic

Telephone and Internet Communications in real numbers
Telephone - main lines: 198,300 (2008)
Telephone - mobile: 6.161 million (2008)
Internet hosts: 70 (2009)
Internet users: 191,000 (2008)

Country Ranking
DOI* 2005/2006: 0.33
World Rank 2005/2006: 137

*The Digital Opportunity Index (DOI) evaluates the opportunity, infrastructure and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) worldwide and was created by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The DOI is based on a scale of 0-1, where 1 is ideal, and the World Rank is taken into consideration out of 181 countries, based on the DOI.

Disability Organizations and Contact Information:

Association Nationale des Aveugles du Cameroun
Accueil Notre-Dame de la Paix
P.O. Box 190, Dschang
Tel: +237-33-451251              
Fax: +237-33-451251

Association Nationale des Sourds du Cameroun
B.P. 1069 Bafoussam
Tel: +237-966-0240 
Fax: +237-344-5814

Association for Rehabilitation and Education (ARE)
P.O. Box 3, Edondo Titi,
Ndian Division, South West Province
Tel: +237-768-2177

Association Stop aux Souffrances des Handicapés au Cameroun
P.O. Box 12348, Yaounde
Tel: +237-937-4947 / +237-781-3607
Fax: +237-222-9635

Cameroon Deaf Empowerment Organization (CDEO)
P.O. Box 12284,Yaounde
Tel: +237-77-575226 / +237-77-434567 
Central Africa Federation of the Disabled (CAFOD) - DPI Regional Development Office
Gabriel A. Ondoua
B.P. 30515

Email: facaph2002@yahoo.fr
Tel: +237-231-7690 / +237-774-9637
Fax: +237-222-1873

Global Welfare Association
Behind St. Agnes, Sonac Street,
P.O. Box 13, Bamenda - Mankon
Tel: +237-3311-4609

Life House Deaf School and Orphanage
C/o Friends of the Deaf International
301 9th St, Cando, ND 58324
Marion, IA 52302
Tel: +320-300-4207

National Handicapped Protection Association
P.O. Box 340, Street 8, Great Soppo,
Buea, Cameroon
Tel: +237-3323119

Shelter, Sustenance and Support for the Aged and Disadvantaged (SS&S ELDERLY)
P.O. Box 287, Kumba
South West Province
Tel: +237-335-4920 / Mobile: +237-772-5959
Union of Associations Working for and With the Elderly and Disabled
P.O. Box 287, Kumba
South West Province
Tel: +237-772-5959 / +237-335-4920

Union Nationale des Associations et Institutions de et pour Personnes Handicapées du Cameroun (UNAPHAC) - DPI National Assembly
Gabriel A. Ondoua
P.O. Box 30515, Yaounde
Tel: +237-231-7690 / +237-774-9637
Fax: +237-222-1873