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Daily Headlines 
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The Viscardi Center Seeks to Pay Tribute to Influential Individuals with Disabilities as the U.S. Senate Deliberates on the UNCRPD
As the U.S. Senate considers the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), The Viscardi Center renewed its "Call for Nominations" for the Henry Viscardi Achievement Awards. Nominations close February 28. The Awards pay tribute to exemplary leaders in the disability community who have had a profound impact on shaping attitudes, raising awareness and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.
From http://www.viscardiawards.org, January 23, 2014

Assistive Technology Can be of Benefit to All, Not Just People With Disabilities
Companies that address accessibility needs in their IT product development are better positioned to leverage those same assistive technologies to mass market solutions, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that people with disabilities (PWD) are an underserved market segment with one billion people worldwide. They and their immediate friends and family have an annual disposable income of more than $8 trillion. "People with disabilities make up 15 percent of the world 's population and some of the assistive technology marketed to people with disabilities can also be sold to the other 85 percent of the population that is "situationally disabled" by their environmental conditions, at work and at play," said Andrew Johnson, managing vice president at Gartner.
From http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2638315, January 23, 2014

Japan Revises Disaster Preparedness Plan
The government’s disaster prevention panel Friday revised its basic preparedness plan in hopes of ensuring that older people, people with disabilities and other vulnerable people can evacuate quickly and smoothly, drawing from lessons from the March 2011 disasters.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/20/japan-revises-disaster-preparedness-plan/, January 21, 2014

UK: ABTA Announces Updated Accessibility Guidance
New guidance and checklist helps Members understand requirements, and how best to meet customers with disabilities needs. ABTA announces that it has produced updated guidance to further help ABTA Members ensure that people with disabilities and passengers with mobility disabilities get the most out of their travel and holiday arrangements.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/20/abta-announces-updated-accessibility-guidance/, January 21, 2014

India: Android-Based Braille Mobile Phone Ready for Launch Next Month
An Android-based braille phone with tactile features, targeted at people with vision disabilities, is set for launch next month. Designed by Sumit Dugar, an interaction designer, the phone allows the person to feel and touch various shapes, figures and maps. Speaking at ‘Earthian 2013’ organised by Wipro, on Saturday, Dugar said the product, in the testing stage, would enable a person with vision disability do almost everything a normal person could.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/20/braille-mobile-phone-soon/, January 21, 2014

OrCam and IVONA Text-to-Speech Improve the Quality of Life
During the last couple of years we have witnessed the development of a variety of new mainstream devices and software that allow people with vision disabilities gain more independence. IVONA Software is bringing its text-to-speech technology to OrCam, one of the new wearable devices.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/17/orcam-and-ivona-text-to-speech-improve-the-quality-of-life/, January 21, 2014

UK: Learning for All: Cutting-Edge Accessibility Software Launches at BETT Show
At the BETT Show, leading accessibility software firm Recite Me is launching 'Include Me', a Cloud based product tailored for the 1.6 million learners with special educational & communication support needs in primary, secondary and higher education
From http://www.journalism.co.uk/press-releases/learning-for-all-cutting-edge-accessibility-software-launches-at-bett/s66/a555647/, January 21, 2014

India: Disabilities Bill to Be Passed in Parliament Next Month
A bill that seeks to provide persons with disabilities five per cent reservation in public sector jobs will be brought for passage in the upcoming Parliament session in February, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi said.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/16/disabilities-bill-to-be-passed-in-parliament-next-month/, January 16, 2014

Microsoft Makes Office More Accessible for People with Vision Disabilities
Microsoft is making it easier for consumers to access its Office suite of products. Microsoft announces that Microsoft and GW Micro are partnering to provide people who are blind or low vision improved access to Microsoft Office.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/15/microsoft-makes-office-more-accessible-for-people-with-vision-disabilities/, January 16, 2014

West Bank: BASR Launches Disability Equality Policy Document
Under the auspices of Governor of Bethlehem, Abdel Fattah Hamayel, Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR) and its partner, the General Union of Persons with Disabilities (GUPWDs), launched a Disability Equality Policy Document during a press conference organized at the Russian Cultural Centre in Bethlehem city. BASR said in a press release Tuesday that the participants of the conference comprised of more than 65 representatives of civil society, private sector and governmental institutions from the Bethlehem and Hebron districts.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2014/01/15/basr-launches-disability-equality-policy-document/, January 16, 2014

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