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AbleLink Technologies

Company size: 30 employees

Key product/service items: AbleLink Technologies was founded specifically to address the significant need for research-based cognitive support technologies for individuals with cognitive disabilities and those experiencing cognitive decline.

Accessibility website overview: AbleLink's website provides information on cognitive disability research and technology solutions. It features products designed by AbleLink to offer cognitive accessibility support, as well as a venue to purchase these products and access support. Also, it tracks and compiles AbleLink's active research initiatives for technological solutions for cognitive disabilities.

Key statements on ICT product/services accessibility: AbleLink Research and Development builds on the findings of the Cognitive Innovation Labs to begin the process of applying technology solutions to real-world barriers. Contrary to common practices, AbleLink understands that 'technology’ isn’t the solution, rather, it is the conduit by which solutions can be built and delivered.

Key areas of accessibility work: AbleLink researchers have conducted over 65 research and development projects to investigate, research, and develop technology applications for individuals with cognitive disabilities and for seniors utilizing technology to help "age in place." AbleLink’s research findings demonstrating the benefits of cognitive support technologies have been published in various peer-reviewed research journals, such as the Journal of Special Education Technology, Intellectual and Developmental Disability, and the Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities.

Company accessibility website: http://www.ablelinktech.com/

Contact information:

AbleLink Technologies Inc
618 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
Tel: +1-719-592-0347
Fax: +1-719-592-0348
Email: info@ablelinktech.com