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Company size: 256,000 employees

Key product/service items: AT&T is a major U.S. telecommunications company offering a wide range of telecommunications services, including wireless communications, local exchange services, long-distance services, data/broadband and internet services, video services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking, wholesale services and directory advertising and publishing.

Accessibility website overview: The Disability Resources section of AT&T's website highlights the company's effort to provide accessible products to their customers using universal design. Products and services as well as general resources for disabled persons are listed with links for further information.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: AT&T offers talking mobile phones (essentially mobile phone screen readers) through their TALKS software, for those persons with visual disabilities. The company also offers voice-enabled services as a helpful dialing assistance for customers with significant visual, cognitive, and physical disabilities. For those with hearing disabilities, AT&T strives to be compatible with a range of hearing aids, and lists the most compatible phones, with rankings, on its accessibility website.

Key areas of accessibility work: AT&T is committed to making wireless communication accessible to persons with all types of disabilities. Their Wireless Access Task Force and National Center for Customers with Disabilities ensure that the company is on top of the latest technologies and compatible software and phones for users with handicaps. AT&T also partnered with accessibility experts at Code Factory to develop a mobile application suite for visually impaired users of Android-powered smartphones.

Company accessibility website: http://www.att.com/gen/general?pid=10190

Contact information:

AT&T Mobility
1025 Lenox Park Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-5309
Tel: +1-800-331-0500
TTY/TDD: +1-866-241-6567
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