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Code Factory

Company size: 11-50 employees

Key product/service items: accessible software applications for mainstream mobile phones and accessible television software for PC

Accessibility website overview:  Code Factory is committed to the easy accessibility and usability of all its products and services. Since 2002 Code Factory has developed accessible software applications for mainstream mobile phones running on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. In 2010, Code Factory expanded its product porfolio to another media, Television. The Code Factory website is comprehensive in its coverage of products and services that are accessible for persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Code Factory is the leading provider of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille interfaces for the widest range of mainstream mobile devices including Symbian-based and Windows Mobile-powered Smartphones as well as Pocket PC phones and PDAs. Its product line is the only one to support phones working on the GSM, CDMA and WCDMA networks.

Code Factory’s mission has always been centered on two key objectives: innovation and responsiveness. Throughout the history of the company, it has followed a path of developing products that aimed to set new standards in accessibility, but always stayed in line with what the target market needed and wanted.

Its first product line focused on the development of truly accessible educational computer games for the blind and visually impaired. Initially carried in Spain by ONCE (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles), Europe’s largest blindness organization, the success of this first foray into the accessibility market quickly led to international sales and the development of accessible adventure and entertainment computer games that also gained popularity among blind children and their families.

In 2003, Code Factory expanded the scope of their line of accessible products by turning its attention to giving people with vision impairment an intuitive and user-friendly way of using mainstream mobile phones. Mobile Accessibility was the first screen access software application for Symbian-based mobile phones running on the Series 60 platform. It quickly became the preferred choice of people who wanted to use the basic functions of their phone without having to learn many commands that was typical of screen reading programs for the desktop computers. The design of the simple interface of Mobile Accessibility proved how much Code Factory valued the needs of the intended users of its products, thus taking accessibility a step forward from the norm of accessible but not entirely user-friendly solutions.

Key areas of accessibility work:

In the span of just four years subsequent to this initial success in the mobile technology field, Code Factory has released the following products that have constantly held leading positions in the global market:
• Mobile Speak: Accessible communication through exceptional innovation.
• Mobile Magnifier: Improved visibility for increased usability.
• Mobile Tools: Portable utilities for everyday activities.

We develop 4 types of products:
Screen readers for mobile phones:
Allow you to use the device even if you cannot visually read the screen. Information displayed on the screen is rendered in synthesized speech output generated using Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology and routed through the device’s speaker or a headset. Screen contents can also be presented in Braille if the mobile phone is connected to a Braille device with a refreshable Braille display.

Screen magnifiers for mobile phones: Enlarge and improve readability of screen contents, detect areas of interest to make them more visible, and let you perform hotkeys to obtain a magnified view of screen icons conveying non-textual information.

Mobile tools: Enhance the functionality of your mobile phone by allowing you to perform different day-to-day activities more independently so that you can convert your device into much more than just a phone. You can travel with Mobile Geo GPS aid, read on the go with Mobile DAISY Player, and identify the color of an object by taking a picture of it with Color Recognizer.

Accessible Television software for PC: Reads aloud the information in the TV menus, allowing you to control your television in an independent way.

Company accessibility website: http://www.codefactory.es/en/

Contact information:

Code Factory
C/ Major, 19, 2-3
08221 - Terrassa (Barcelona)
Email: sales@codefactory.es / Contact form: http://www.codefactory.es/en/contact.asp