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Dominic Foundation

Company size: n/a

Key product/service items: The Dominic Foundation is a charitable NGO providing advocacy and consultancy with the goal helping to create more effective accessible technology.

Accessibility website overview: The Dominic Foundation website provides information about the foundation’s projects, a donation page and a product page where you can buy a toy mascot.

Key statements on ICT product and service accessibility: Actively and directly promote, support and finance Technological Research Projects and promote ICT (Information Communication Technology) in order to improve the quality of life and independency of people in particular for people with disabilities or those most in need. Identify, directly support and coordinate specific and selected projects with the purpose of improving the standard of living and create a living, educational and social environment able to guarantee a better future for people living in particular in emerging countries.

Key areas of accessibility work: BCI: Brain Computer Interface for enhancing the accessibility of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and control capabilities of people with disability.

Distance adoption for education: Dominic Foundation intends to support education of children with disability in many different countries through distance adoption. It is our sincere wish to empower the education as well as facilitate the access to ICT to children with disability around the world.

PC for Children: Easy and Fully Accessible PC: Dominic Foundation provides Personal Computer fully accessible to children or people with physical disability as well as schools, hospitals and non-profit institutions.

Consultancy: Dominic Foundation, with its very experienced and professional team of ICT Top Experts, provides technical and project planning support and consultancy to specific development projects in emerging countries in the field of Accessibility (people with disability), usability (for Senior citizen or First-Time-Users) and in the Health Care field.

Company accessibility website: http://www.dominic-foundation.org/projects/

Contact information:

Dominic Foundation
Riva Paradiso 26
6900 Paradiso
Tel: +41-91-9800951
Fax: +41-91-9800952
Email: info@dominic-foundation.org