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France Telecom (Orange)

Company size: 171,949 employees

Key product/service items: France Telecom is a leading provider of telecommunication services including fixed and mobile communications, data transmission, internet and multimedia, mobile telephone services, network services, integration and information management for communication applications.

Accessibility website overview: Included as part of France Telecom's responsible growth policy is information about the corporation's efforts to provide accessible solutions to their customers. The policy is divided into 10 principles with specific information on eliminating discrimination and observing equal human rights for all individuals.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: France Telecom and its partners have developed a large number of communication solutions to help disabled people in their daily lives. The two specific expectations that disabled people have are autonomy and accessibility. Disabled people and their families and friends, associations of disabled people, local authorities, professionals working within the sector and government organizations, as well as services internal to France Telecom (Research and Development, Human resources, Marketing and Distribution, etc) work together in such a way as to build or adapt a complete offer that combines voice, text and images, distributed via fixed or mobile technologies, and the Internet.

Key areas of accessibility work:
France Telecom participates in partnerships with local services and develops specially adapted products to uphold the company's standards of universal accessibility. The company also specially trains employees to cater to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Company accessibility website: http://explore.ee.co.uk/digital-living/digital-for-all

Contact information:
France Telecom
78 rue Olivier de Serres
Paris cedex 15
Paris 75505
Tel: 33-1-4444-2222
Get in touch through email or postal service