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Lucy Tech

Company size: 11-50 employees

Key product/service items: Research and Development of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Accessibility website overview: The website enumerates about Lucy Technology, a software platform which includes built-in ICT, accessibility tools and most important, content in several areas (education, government, health care, job opportunities, etc.) and totally accessible for an effective and global digital-inclusion. The section on ‘Services’ offered by LucyTech is still ‘under construction’.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: E-Inclusion or Digital Inclusion is the term used to encompass activities related to the achievement of an inclusive information society, bringing the benefit of the Internet and related technology into all segments of the population, including people who are disadvantaged due to education (e-Competences), age (e-Ageing), gender, disabilities (e-Accessibility), ethnicity, and/or those living in remote and rural regions.

E-Accessibility refers to the accessibility of a computer system to all people, regardless of disability or severity of impairment. It is largely a software concern and it is based on the Design for All principle. When software, hardware, or a combination of hardware and software, is used to enable use of a computer by a person with a disability or impairment, this is known as Assistive Technology. E-Competences is a new term covering skills, knowledge and attitude relevant to education in the context of an inclusive information society.

The purpose is also to ensure that everyone who faces accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy or aging, regardless of economic resources, can access and use the Internet and all its information, communities, and services for education, employment, daily living, civic participation, health and safety. While developing countries are building their broadband infrastructures, it is important to ensure that broadband reaches everyone, including people with disability, literacy and aging related barriers to Internet use.  We need to be sure that we don't stop at just connecting people to the Internet - but that we also see to it that they can actually use it, and benefit from all that it has to offer.

Key areas of accessibility work:

LUCY technology adopts the Cloud Computing model in order to provide developing and devoleoped countries the opportunity of deploying localized e-Services without investing in infrastructure costs. We believe this is a very useful approach also because it is very flexible and it is very suitable for starting operation in shorter time. Government may implement their e-Gov solution with this platform and eventually, after a first period of pilot usage, may decide to migrate it on their own infrastructure without any kind of penalty.

The mission of LUCY is to provide contents and services that people living in emerging countries consider useful for improving their living conditions. The services must be sustainable, that is, they must be economically profitable, at least in the medium term.

Company accessibility website: http://www.lucytech.com

Contact information:
LucyTech Inc.
Via Zorzi 15
6900 Paradiso-Lugano
Email: info@lucytech.com