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Company size: 130,050 employees

Key product/service items: Nokia Corporation is a leading provider of mobile devices, telecom equipment, and mobile content services. The company's offerings include basic and high end mobile devices, telecom network equipment and related services, and software and services.

Accessibility website overview: Nokia’s accessibility website highlights the company’s commitment to accessibility and outlines how its products address each disability category including hearing, vision, and cognition.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Nokia has a long history of transforming the freedom of wireless communications, and they are working to bring this wireless world to everyone. Nokia has a team of experts dedicated to developing internal product design standards, initiating research projects, and training employees worldwide for servicing customers with unique wireless communication needs. For the people at Nokia, it all comes back to our mission of "connecting people."

Key areas of accessibility work: Nokia works with researchers and product developers to create products that provide people with disabilities the opportunity to partake in the technological world. They also provide pre- and post-sale care for their customers with special needs and are highly involved in accessible technology research.
Accessibility achievements:
  • Nokia was honored to be the recipient of the Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing (FFHOH) Urpo Siirala Medal for technological advancements and consumer awareness programs, which benefit deaf and hard of hearing people. The Urpo Siirala medal is the highest recognition given by the FFHOH.
  • Nokia also received the Access Innovation Award from the Association of Access Engineering Specialists for the mobile inductive loopset, an accessory that enhances communication by blocking background noise and interference. In the future Nokia is dedicated to making their accessible products more available to disabled people worldwide.
Company accessibility website: http://www.nokiaaccessibility.com/  

Contact information:
Nokia Corporation
Keilalahdentie 2-4,
FIN 00045 Espoo
Tel: +358-7180-08000