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Orange S.A.

Company size: 168,694 employees

Key product/service items: Orange is a subsidiary of France Telecom and is the leading mobile provider in France encompassing internet services, digital television and computer telephone services.

Accessibility website overview: Orange provides information on the company’s accessibility initiatives, products, services and links to industry guides detailing accessibility standards.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Orange provides assistance to ensure their products and services are accessible to all. Orange provides phone bills and user guides in alternative formats (including Braille and large text) on request and advice on the most suitable phones for customers with particular requirements.

Key areas of accessibility work: Orange formed The Accessible Communications Team in 2006 consisting of Orange staff and customers with disabilities in order to develop recommendations to make the company’s products and services more inclusive. Orange has also collaborated with other mobile operators to develop industry guides on mobile services for the elderly and people with disabilities. These initiatives have lead to Orange offering a range of mobile service accessibility features in the areas of sight, hearing and dexterity.

Contact information:
Orange S.A.
6, place d'Alleray
75505 Paris Cedex 15,
Tel: +33-1-44442222
Email: http://assistance.orange.fr/contacter-le-service-clients-orange-mobile-2383.php .