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Company size: 51-200 employees

Key product/service items: software, training, and consulting solutions

Accessibility website overview: The website of SSB BART Group (SSB) is service oriented and provides a detailed list of services offered by the company in the area of accessible solutions, training, audit and implementation support. The key sections on services, contact us and blog are easily navigable and has up-to-date information on the company’s history, clients across various verticals, and a comprehensive ‘reference’ section on information related to the company’s practice, audit documents, advanced topic on Accessibility Management Platform and Organization Policy Documents.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Since 1998, SSB has supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 750 organizations by developing software, training, and consulting solutions to address the specific business and technical needs of the organizations most affected by accessibility requirements. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies throughout a broad range of industries, educational institutions, and leading government agencies.

The creators of Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), software which provides the infrastructure to manage accessibility across the enterprise development life cycle, SSB is well known for their extensive and ongoing work across the government and industry. From audits, to training, to implementation support and assistive technology scripting, SSB BART Group has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Audits - We'll do a comprehensive audit of your IT systems' accessibility based on compliance with leading accessibility standards.

Training - We offer extensive training courses to help you understand how to develop accessible IT systems going forward.
Implementation Support - We provide business and technical support for your AMP-based accessibility initiatives

Assistive Technology Scripting - SSB has deep knowledge of assistive technology and understands how to write scripts that give people with disabilities access to applications that were previously inaccessible. We have experience writing scripts for JAWS, Window-Eyes, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and more.

Key areas of accessibility work:

SSB has worked with the U.S. Access Board to comment on the Section 508 regulations; has worked with the World Wide Web Consortium to actively govern the development of future accessibility regulations; continues to work closely with Adobe System and the manufactures of assistive technology such as Freedom Scientific to ensure that PDF documents and Flash/Flex applications are accessible when using assistive technologies such as screen readers; and has worked with a large number of other software companies and government contractors utilizing complex document workflow and content management systems to ensure compliance with the Section 508 regulations.
Company accessibility website: https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/

Contact information:
1493 Chain Bridge Rd,
Suite 100 McLean,
VA 22101 United States
Tel: +1-703-637-8955
Fax: +703-734-8381