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Key product/service items: Telono SA is a European User Experience (UX) consultancy specializing in user-centered design and web accessibility as well as software design, testing and research in product design and evaluation.

Accessibility website overview: Telono's website dedicates a special section to accessibility. They support local organizations, such as Access4All and the Geneva Web Group, with informal information workshops and consulting services. Telono provides expertise on designing for all types of disabilities.

Key statements on ICT product and service accessibility: Telono has focused on accessibility since its creation in 2005. It provides expertise on designing for all types of disabilities. There is no doubt that the changing demographics provide new challenges as we see a population shift to the aging whilst not forgetting those who have been handicapped by the lack of access to education. Our experts can also provide project support and training services. Our team is multinational and multi-lingual and we represent Access4All in French-speaking Switzerland.We have a web accessibility expert, a specialist in aging and motor functions and a supporting member working on the information dissemination amongst our clients and local organizations in Switzerland. We do believe in “access for all“ and therefore our team keeps up to date with the latest in technology innovations for those who are excluded.

Key areas of accessibility work: Telono helps non-profits and companies meet web accessibility standards by providing design and evaluation support. We can include Swiss certification, along with training and supporting services. Swiss certification comes through our partnership with Access for All, a Swiss foundation, which serves the purpose of promoting equal-opportunity technology use. It serves as a bridge facilitating development of products for disabled users.

Company accessibility website: http://www.telono.com/en/services/accessibility

Contact Information:
Telono SA
64-66, rue de Lausanne
CH-1202 Geneva
Tel: +41-22-7550000
Fax: +41-22-7550011
Email: contact@telono.com