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Company size: 14,100

Key product/service items: Yahoo! Inc. is a multinational internet corporation that provides content and experiences for audience. Yahoo’s offerings to users on Yahoo Properties fall into three categories: communications and communities, search and marketplaces, and media. The communications and communities’ offerings include Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, Flickr, and Connected TV.

Accessibility website overview: Yahoo!’s accessibility website is a blog that offers immense accessibility resources and information. Key sections include news and features on technology, women with disabilities, events, academic and commercial research, parenting, and celebrities.

Key statements on ICT product and service accessibility: Yahoo!’s accessibility team created the accessibility lab blog with a single purpose: to reflect the experiences of individuals with disabilities, their families, and the professionals with whom they interact.

Key areas of accessibility work: The Yahoo! Accessibility Lab's Library includes code snippets and patterns for building accessible web sites. The site also includes presentations and tutorials explaining accessibility as well as the latest accessibility research and technology.

Company accessibility website: http://yaccessibilityblog.com/

Contact information:
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
California 94089
Tel: +1-408-349-3300
Email: info@yaccessibilityblog.com