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Articles written by Viviana Montenegro  Inclusive Policy

Enabling Environments to Persons with Disabilities: How Much Progress Has Been Achieved?

In order for persons with disabilities to be able to participate and actively engage with all aspects of society, including economic, social, civic, and cultural activities, it is essential to provide them the right tools to mobilize and live as independently as possible. More

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Role of Disabled People Organizations in Promoting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: The Need for Better Implementation Mechanism

While we can see some progress in the laws and regulations that have been passed among the UN CRPD ratifying countries surveyed in the CRPD 2013 ICT Accessibility Progress Report, there are still important gaps between legislation and implementation. More

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Better Deployment of Accessible Electronic Kiosks and ATMs for Persons with Disabilities

G3ict Research Analyst Viviana Montenegro highlights best practices on financial services accessibility from the CRPD 2013 ICT Accessibility Progress Report. More

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