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Articles written by Shannon Kelly  PDF Accessibility

Accessibility and Government-Produced PDFs

Government agencies are huge creators of high-volume personal communications and it’s crucial that these digital documents are accessible to users of all abilities.  More

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Accessibility Meets Mobility: M-Enabling Summit 2014

Shannon Kelly attended the third edition of the M-Enabling Summit on Accessible Mobile Technology for Seniors and Users of All Abilities, this year in Washington, D.C. Here's her review of the event highlights. More

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Accessible PDF: Enterprise Versus Desktop Accessibility Requirements

Shannon Kelly delves into the difference between PDFs created at the desktop level versus the enterprise level, and how to ensure accessibility for each. More

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Accessible PDFs: Questions, Thoughts and Ideas from a Social Network Exchange

Should accessible PDF documents be a part of a company’s web accessibility strategy? Shannon Kelly interacted with web accessibility experts on a social media group and came away with key takeaways.  More

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Accessibility and Health Insurers: What Section 508 and ADA Legislation Mean For Health, Medicaid and Medicare Insurance Organizations

More than ever, health insurance organizations – including Medicare and Medicaid programs – are tackling the issue of online accessibility, including accessible online PDFs. They have to: they face financial penalties and the risk of losing government contracts if they don’t. More

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Reflections on PDF Document Accessibility Events: What Matters for Our Communities Moving Forward

Concerned by the possibility of litigation and inspired by emerging technology, interest in PDF accessibility has soared as companies look for new ways to make their online customer communications, statements and bills accessible to blind and reading impaired customers.  More

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Five Steps to Accessible PDF Documents

How do banks and financial institutions make their PDF statements accessible to individuals with disabilities, including blind and visually impaired customers? Shannon Kelly, a Document Accessibility SME from Actuate, gives an overview. More

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Four Key Drivers for Organizations to Provide Accessible Electronic Documents

Customers with disabilities, including the visually impaired, want to be able to access their bills and statements using the same methods everyone else does, writes Shannon Kelly. More

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